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SLS Tags

Proprietary and

SLS Tags are the next generation of RFID solutions designed to supercharge your supply chain efficiency. They utilize radio frequencies to wirelessly transmit data about tagged objects, allowing for real-time tracking, streamlined workflows, and improved inventory management. Whether you need to keep tabs on high-value assets across vast distances or track smaller items within your facility, SLS Tags offer a variety of configurations to meet your specific needs.

SLS Tags come in a range of options, including UHF for extended read ranges and long-distance tracking, HF for tagging smaller objects, and both passive (powered by the reader’s field) and active (with built-in battery) options depending on your power and data requirements. Our unwavering commitment to high-quality materials and rigorous manufacturing processes ensures these tags deliver reliable performance and extended durability, even in harsh environments.

Industry-Leading SLS Tags: Proprietary & purpose-built tag designs that outperform competitive standardized offerings, unlocking RFID ecosystem efficiency.

At the beginning, SLS® started as an RFID middleware company. With growing experience, Jeff quickly realized how crucial it was to have a complete solution properly engineered in order to have a successful RFID implementation. The software. The inlays. The implementation. And, of course, the hardware.

Proprietary, purpose-built and proven performance

Proprietary, purpose-built and proven performance

Built for Impinj IC & Reader ecosystem

One vendor for your RFID Hardware, Software, Services & Tags

Enable RFID System Performance with SLS Tags

Traditional RFID systems can fall short, leaving you with limited visibility and operational roadblocks. SLS Tags are here to change that. Our industry-leading, proprietary designs outperform standardized offerings, empowering you to experience a dramatic shift in your RFID system’s performance.

Enhance RFID read behavior and accuracy

One stop shop for end-to-end RFID Solutions

Designs specific to your applications

Enterprise-level customer service and warehousing

SLS Tags Product Line

High Volume, near metal and liquid

Apparel, plastic, cardboard & wood

Pallet-level tracking and bulk shipments

Common returnable form factor

Smaller items like jewelry, Medicine, etc

Gift cards in display racks and storage

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