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Inventory Management

The Transformative Benefits of Inventory Management

In today’s competitive logistics landscape, even minor hiccups in shipment and receipt verification can disrupt operations and erode profitability. SLS Verification emerges as a powerful tool, transforming your supply chain by unlocking a multitude of benefits:

Fastest Cycle Counting

Cycle count data captured in minutes instead of days​

Most Accurate  Locationing

Direct operator to the right location the first time​

Identify Significant Variation

Compare found to expected to prioritize problem-solving

End-to-end inventory visibility with automated cycle counting in minutes

Industry Leading Inventory Management​

Automated Cycle  Counting

Confidence in your on-hand inventory

Realtime Inventory Overview

Know where your products are and when they move​

Product Aging

Understand individual asset journey through facility

Our Impact

Building Technologies Company​

How much is it costing you to cycle count daily?​




Reduce 1,000 lost pieces of inventory per month (~$200 / piece)​


Annual Saving:


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