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Returnable Container Tracking​

The Transformative Benefits of Returnable Container Tracking​

In today’s competitive logistics landscape, even minor hiccups in shipment and receipt verification can disrupt operations and erode profitability. SLS Verification emerges as a powerful tool, transforming your supply chain by unlocking a multitude of benefits:

Differentiate by asset type with unique DNA​

Asset utilization and aging report with asset history traceability

Asset Visibility Across Suppliers, Manufacturers, Distributors, and Customers​

Never Lose an Asset​

Serialized License Plate

For returnable and capital asset tracking​

Reducing Waste

Fully automated monitoring of inventory, health, aging, and location with no human intervention​

Production Reporting​

Realtime work center health and WIP status​

Our Impact

Global Leader in Automative Seating​

Struggling to keep track of reusable containers? ​




Reduce spend on returnable containers​


Annual Saving:


first-year savings​

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