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Leveraging RFID technology to improve our customers’ supply chain visibility and efficiency is our number one priority. SLS® software offering is the perfect complement to our hardware suite, allowing our customers to have real time visibility into the movement of their assets and products, whether that be at a dock door, a tunnel or mobile device.

SLS® Software Objectives

Gain a competitive edge with our industry-leading, cloud-based software. It unlocks actionable insights throughout your entire supply chain, empowering you to make data-driven decisions that optimize efficiency and profitability. This cloud-based solution seamlessly integrates with your existing ERP/WMS system, eliminating data silos and streamlining information flow. The result? Improved management, clearer reporting, and a supply chain that operates at peak performance.

End-to-End supply chain visibility with actionable insights​

Realtime inventory visibility​

Simplified integration with 
GS1 electronic product code information standards (EPSIS)

Industry leading read accuracy with proprietary on-reader solution​

Real-time, Actionable Insight Throughout Your Supply Chain

Enable Supply Chain Visibility with SLSVIEW 

Enhance RFID read behavior and performance

One stop shop for end-to-end RFID Solutions

Easy to scale and deploy software

Low cost, rapid plug and play integration

SLSVIEW Software Suite

Asset Management ​ SLSVIEW Mobile​

Automated Asset Collection ​SLSVIEW Print​​

Shipment Verification ​SLSVIEW Capture Windows

Shipment Verification SLSVIEW Capture Linux


Print with RFID

Order Fulfillment Verification

Inventory Management

Returnable Container Tracking

Shipment Verification


Supply Chain Integration

Data Warehouse

ERP Applications

MES Applications

SLSVIEW Software Suite

Host System






Built with GS1 Standards

GS1 EPC Information Services 

GS1 EPC Tag Data Standard​

GS1 Core Business Vocabulary (CBV) Standard​

Automated Shipping and Receiving Tracking​

Print with Select Shipment by order

Pick the order to ship​

Ability to pick the order of different parts and different quantities​

Loaded quantity updates as tagged items are read by the reader​

Checkbox appears when an item reaches the exceeded limit​

A red light and audible sensor turns on when an item is read that doesn’t belong to the order​

User can remove the incorrect item by selecting it and clicking “X” button​

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