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Shipment Verification

The Transformative Benefits of SLS Verification

In today’s competitive logistics landscape, even minor hiccups in shipment and receipt verification can disrupt operations and erode profitability. SLS Verification emerges as a powerful tool, transforming your supply chain by unlocking a multitude of benefits:

Industry-leading accuracy with controlled read zone behavior

Proprietary approach to managing reads so that only actual transactions are reported

Sub-second event alarming with efficient and fast publishing

Automated Shipping and Receiving Tracking

Read Only What You Need

Automated Verification

Automated tracking and verification for trailer loading and unloading interaction

Item Level Visibility

Track and verify shipments to the item level

Status Feedback

Shipment and receipt alarming with status monitoring

Our Impact

Wholesale, Membership-Only Big-Box Retail​

Know exactly what is entering and exiting your plant, touch-free​




Improve accuracy of outgoing product to reduce missed shipments and
missing items​


Annual Saving:


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