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Print with RFID​

The Transformative Benefits of Print with RFID

In today’s competitive logistics landscape, even minor hiccups in shipment and receipt verification can disrupt operations and erode profitability. SLS Verification emerges as a powerful tool, transforming your supply chain by unlocking a multitude of benefits:

GS1 Tag Data Standard (TDS) compliant encoding

Interoperability between the RFID Electronic Product Code and Barcode

On-demand and batch encode and print as early as point of manufacturing

Electronic Product Code Serialized Identification Tags

Global Identification Strategy


For items, assets, containers, returnables, and shipments

Common Business Vocabulary

For integration across the supply chain with consistent messaging standard

Agnostic Identification Platform

Use multiple technologies including human-readable for tracking

Our Impact

Global Shoe Manufacturer​

Verify receipt on inbound orders Confirm fulfillment of pick/pick for outbound shipments​




Improve box content, shipment accuracy, and reduce grey market selling​


Annual Saving:


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