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Warehousing & Distribution

In today’s fast-paced warehousing and distribution (W&D) environment, even minor inefficiencies can have a significant impact. Lost inventory, slow order fulfillment, and misplaced items can lead to frustrated customers, lost revenue, and a damaged reputation. Traditional methods like manual counting and barcode scanning often struggle to keep up with the demands of a modern supply chain.

At SLS, we empower W&D businesses to overcome these challenges and achieve operational excellence with our innovative RAIN RFID solutions. Gain real-time visibility into your entire inventory, from the moment it arrives at your warehouse to the point of shipment. Streamline picking and packing processes with automated data capture, eliminate errors with improved accuracy, and minimize shrinkage through enhanced traceability. Let SLS unlock the full potential of your W&D operations and experience a new level of efficiency, control, and customer satisfaction.

Let technology be your secret weapon for swift workflows and industry-leading throughput.

In today’s competitive landscape, efficiency reigns supreme. Warehousing and distribution (W&D) operations are constantly striving to optimize workflows and maximize throughput. But traditional methods often fall short, leaving businesses grappling with bottlenecks, delays, and missed opportunities.

At SLS, we believe technology is the secret weapon for achieving swift workflows and industry-leading throughput.

Modern Warehousing & Distribution Solutions

Inventory Tracking

Create a custom infrastructure for inventory management with mobile computers, label printers, and a dependable wireless connectivity system.

Warehouse Automation

Reduce human error, increase savings, and maximize efficiency with conveyors to support automated processes, automated dimensioners that instantly provide accurate measurements, and more.

Cycle Counting

Automate cycle counting with RFID technologies or rugged mobile devices to ensure materials are maintained at the right levels to support production output.

Wireless Networking

Revamp your wireless infrastructure with a reliably installed network that ensures your team has flawless access at every turn.

Without Strong Digital DNA What Are
You Overpaying For?

What hidden costs are concealed in your supply chain?

Asset Management

Labor to find assets

Replacement expense due to lost assets

Order Fulfillment Verification

Labor to check right items in the right box

RMA expense due to incorrect orders

Shipment Verification

Labor to check shipment

Shipping expense to return mis-ships

Shrinkage expense due to lost goods

Inventory Management

Labor for cycle counting

Shrinkage expense due to lost goods

Inventory expense due to overstock

Lost sales due to lack of inventory

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