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Deployment & Integration

The Transformative Benefits of Deployment & Integration

In today’s competitive logistics landscape, even minor hiccups in shipment and receipt verification can disrupt operations and erode profitability. SLS Verification emerges as a powerful tool, transforming your supply chain by unlocking a multitude of benefits:

Fastest Cycle Counting

Cycle count data captured in minutes instead of days​

Most Accurate  Locationing

Direct operator to the right location the first time​

Identify Significant Variation

Compare found to expected to prioritize problem-solving

Verify pick accuracy and aggregation of the pallet​

Industry Leading Inventory Management​

Automated Cycle  Counting

Confidence in your on-hand inventory

Realtime Inventory Overview

Know where your products are and when they move​

Product Aging

Understand individual asset journey through facility

Our Impact

Building Technologies Company​

How much is it costing you to cycle count daily?​




Reduce 1,000 lost pieces of inventory per month (~$200 / piece)​


Annual Saving:


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