That’s why SLS® works alongside your team to
expand visibility through future-forward RFID Tracking
so you can…

Eliminate the hassle of
multi-vendor RFID system
Maximize accuracy and
Customize your RFID ecosystem
to match business needs
Target optimization areas in

Get robust gains without the pains

More Transformation. No Complications.

Business Optimization is simpler with the
GO Zebra Trade-in Program

Upgrade your legacy systems with SLS® through the GO Zebra Trade-in Program and get cash rebates towards your new upgrade in three steps:


Purchase your eligible device


Submit your reclaim form


Trade in legacy devices for
cash rebates

Download program details to see how you can get started.

Transform operations without disruptions
when you optimize your supply chain with SLS®.

Schedule your free workflow assessment to begin
expanding visibility in your operations.